Product range.

After years of installing artificial grass in Perth’s landscaping industry, GreenPrint Synthetic have searched through a number of different Western Australian suppliers to find what we consider the most durable and most realistic looking artificial grass in Perth.

Our product range has been vigorously tested to handle Perth’s harsh environment.

All of our artificial turf products displayed here are manufactured in Australia and have a high grade polyurethane (PU) Backing giving this artificial grass the upper edge.

PU backed synthetic turf will give you a longer lasting, superior performing artificial lawn with a estimated lifespan of 20 years+.

Greenprint Synthetic artificial grass varieties shown on our website are backed by our 8 year manufacturer’s warranty and our installations are guaranteed.

Many other turf varieties you see around are made with latex backing, which, while it makes the product cheaper for you to buy, can lead to earlier deterioration than using PU backed grass.

If you wish to have latex backed turf installed at your place, we would be happy to source a product for you that suits your needs.

Royal 38mm

Royal is our premium grade artificial grass with 4 tone, deep Green and olive turf blades and a tan thatch root structure creating a low shine, realistic grass that looks and feels like the real thing. Royal is our number one selling turf.

Relax 38mm

Relax has a v shape blade that gives it strength and durability while providing a realistic manicured look. Relax has a 4 tone vibrant green blade and light tan thatch. Excellent turf for kids to play on with soft cushioning. Used in high traffic areas and backyard.

Natural 25mm

Natural is a shorter version of the Relax 38mm excellent for smaller areas such as courtyards, childcare centers, play areas, rental properties.

Pro Putt Turf

Have you been wanting to practice your putting game in the privacy of your own backyard?

FingerPrintLooking for a specific type of turf that’s not here?

If you have already purchased turf and would like some to install it for you, we would be more than happy to provide you with an install-only quote.

Or do you like the look of another supplier’s grass not shown on here? Then we are more than happy to supply and install it for you at our very competitive rates.